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What other people say . . .

Here are just a handful of the comments that I have received after various performances. It’s kind of difficult to give a proper picture because I play for weddings, birthday parties, corporate parties and events, Christmas parties and more. However, here are a few of those comments.

“We’ve had Dennis play live music at a few of our parties, and now our friends will ask ahead of time ‘hey, are you going to have the piano player back, he was great!'” — Tim. G., Corona, CA

“Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.” — Les N., Menifee, CA

“Caught Dennis’ show at Killarney’s . . . he’s the best”! — Marilyn C., Escondido, CA

“He performs Elton John better than Elton John!” — Rita M., Irvine CA

“There’s rarely a dry eye in the place by the time he’s finished singing his “Phantom of the Opera” medley” — Mike C., Sun City, CA

“What’s so great about Dennis is that he knows just about any song you can think of, from just about any era or style.” — Maureen B., Detroit, MI

“Probably the best pianist/vocalist I’ve ever heard” — Geoff C., Somerset, England

“You name it, he’ll play it!” — Kathy C., Temecula, CA

Are you doing the planning for a wedding or your next birthday, corporate or Christmas party? Rembmer about having live piano music for you next event.

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