Water may be your very best friend, but it is surely not your telephone’s friend.

The Finest Waterproof Phone Pouch and Fixing A Wet Mobile Phone

Any digital device shouldn’t be placed near water or any type of liquid. Even if you are cautious, remember that accidents can happen like spilling your drink in your phone or dropping it in the toilet. Failing to utilize the best waterproof phone pouch while swimming can also result along with your phone being submerged underwater.

A watertight phone pouch can secure your phone whenever you are outside on a beach while a waterproof case can offer ample protection on a daily basis. Why risk water damage once you can keep your phone protected at all times.

Going back, you dropped your telephone and you’re frantic. You are freaking out. It is a brand new phone and well, accidents do happen.

1 Pick up your phone from where you dropped it.
2 Then you remove the back covering and remove the battery. Batteries and water do not mix.Is it off or on? If it is on, turn it off and leave the additional buttons alone. The buttons you press, the longer water gets into the internal workings of your mobile phone.

3. Bring your phone to the closest repair centre. Your phone may be working nicely in the moment, but remember that rust and corrosion take some time.
4 No! As much as possible avoid using rice to drain water. Rice dust can damage your phone as well. No! Please do not use the blow dryer, the heat can harm the sensitive parts also. How to wash it? Well, you can use a dry cloth to dry the telephone along with the battery and maintain it upright. Upright retains the water from pooling at the center.

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