Don’t have a piano at your location, not a problem. I have a state-of-the-art digital piano

In fact, if you go to the demos page, you can hear the FP3. It is the piano used on the demo pages.

My other piano is a Young Chang 7′ Grand Piano, model GP-213. Yes, a seven foot grand piano is not an easy rig to carry for those one-night gigs. However, if you require a long-term commitment (such as for hotels, restaurants, casinos or lounge) that need live piano music, I can arrange to place my piano on site.

The picture here is from the Carvin catalogue. My system is actually an 8 channel system rather than the 6 channel system shown.

Live Music

Need a live recording of your event, I have a complete stand-alone multi-track digital recorder available. Pictured below is the Boss BR1600 CD — a complete recording unit. I can record 8 tracks live, have 274 virtual tracks, and playback 16 tracks at any one time.

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