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Don’t have a piano at your location, not a problem. I have a state-of-the-art digital piano: the Roland FP3 (Pictured here)
Okay, so I finally wore out my FP3, and I replaced it with the latest and greatest in digial pianos: the Roland RD-700sx
Photo image of Roland RD-700 digital piano
My other piano is a Young Chang 7′ Grand Piano, model GP-213. Yes, a seven foot grand piano is not an easy rig to carry for those one-night gigs. However, if you require a long-term commitment (such as for hotels, restaurants, casinos or lounge) that need live piano music, I can arrange to place my piano on site.



For live sound reinforcement, I use Carvin PA sound system.


The picture here is from the Carvin catalogue. My system is actually an 8 channel system rather than the 6 channel system shown.

In late 2008, I also picked up a set of Peavey lighter, smaller cabinets for those intiment gigs, like smaller home parties, small wineries and other small venues.


Who knows, maybe for your next party you’ll have live music and use Piano Player For Hire.

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