If you haven’t I suggest to check her channel out.

Superwoman: Living The Actual Dream

Have you ever wondered what would it feel for someone to hang out with your idols? Basically, hanging out with celebrities is no easy feature. However, there are people who get to do this and at the same time have fun with celebrities. Pretty good right? Well, that is one of the reasons why they are pretty known on the internet as well.



Hanging with Alicia

Have you heard about superwoman?  You can easily search her name on the internet given that she is a celebrity on her own right as well. She does make Youtube videos for a living. The thing is, she gets to do this with some of the well-known celebrities like Alicia Keys.


On her video entitled: We just made the biggest hit on youtube, you can instantly see their smiles. Basically, if you haven’t checked the video out, go ahead and check it out.


The air date was last December 27 2018. The best part about her channel is it does give you a bit of a background with some celebrities on them but at the same time, there are a lot of videos wherein there are just the normal casts and persons doing witty stuff to entertain.


Is it worth my time?

Well, if you are going for a full research geek mode, then you should probably not look at some of her videos because the goal of these videos is basically for some good vibes. There are a lot of issues that she would address and make into a skit in order for people to relate better to them. It is way better to watch something interesting rather than read something is it not? You will definitely enjoy her humour and enjoy how she edits and plays with her videos as well.


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